Feature: Eluxe Magazine


Sustainable Nightwear Collection featured in Eluxe Magazine. "It’s a sad fact, but many of us are still in denial: our consumption habits are killing the planet. In particular, the Amazon Rainforest, the lungs of the world, is being destroyed at a staggering rate, mainly for food: soya and cattle - but lumber is also being cleared, and increasing numbers of humans are moving onto what was once rain forest.


Wake Up is a sustainable nightwear collection aiming to create awareness of deforestation and climate change inspired by the Amazon Rainforest. The collection features prints inspired by the Amazon Rainforest, representative of the beauty and importance of nature. The garments demonstrate the elegance and feminine nature of the brand and the soft silks, bamboo jersey and variety of silhouettes intend to make women feel beautiful, strong and empowered. The sustainably sourced fabrics, use of natural dyes and recycling contribute to the brand’s environmentally conscious outlook.


Ultimately though, it’s very important to note that if we really wake up to the state of emergency on the planet, we will know that reducing ALL our consumption dramatically is the only way to save us all." Eluxe Magazine Issue 10











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